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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just shoot me.

I'm slowly decreasing the number of boxes that I have to move around every morning and every evening. After I get rid of one more shipment, I should have exactly enough tomatoes and eggplants for my garden. If I am correct, I will need about 35 tomato plants.

The weather today was absolutely perfect for gardening. I tilled the new garden and laid black plastic around the entire garden. The goal here is that once I put up my fence, the weeds won't grow right at the fence line. In the past, the grass gets tall and grows into the fence and looks very messy. We'll see how this goes. In theory, it should work. I better hurry up with the fence. The rabbits are circling.

This is the fifth year of my experiment of returning my yard to a little farm. A very little farm. And, with the new garden, the shape has finally become a square. The way I remember how long I have lived here is to count the gardens.

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