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Saturday, April 24, 2010

In need of their own room(s).

The weather has reversed itself from the false spring heat that we had just a few weeks ago to our normal, cold, spring dampness. I am trying to delay the confusion and mess of transplanting the seedlings into their own individual pots as this will have to be done inside since it's wet outside these days. This will probably be the last neat photo of my kitchen for the next 6 weeks until they can go outside to get used to living in the elements. Although, since I turned off my heat 4 weeks ago, it's like living outside INSIDE -- often called indoor camping by those who know me.

These photos really don't portray the situation accurately. The seedlings are almost 6 inches tall and create a curtain of tomato plants in the window. There are some lavender plants popping up and the shorter plants are eggplants and brussels sprouts.

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