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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Wedding Adventure of Claire and Jack Egner-Rothe

 A week before the wedding, we had the last wedding "summit" at the McGinn Family Farm. The McGinn's tent was taken down and a final survey of the property was made and plans finalized.

The popular McGinn dog, Winnie the Pug.

The excitable Rothe dogs did not appreciate seeing Winnie have the run of the farm. One of them fell in the pool.

 Rothe dogs, Connor and Holly, trying to calm themselves down.


The "cat mobile."  Feral cats in my neighborhood like to slide down my windshield. So embarrassing!

All the containers, vases and mason jars were delivered a week before, too.

Thursday before the wedding, I started gathering flowers. Some came from the bike trail near my house and some came from my kids' duplex in Shorewood.

And some came from my yard and from my neighbor's yard.

Here is Lillian organizing and lifting the heavy buckets into our cars to transport to the farm on Friday morning......the day before the wedding.


Now that all the containers were out and separated, we were a little scared to jump in and start cutting.

My neighbor, co-worker and pal, Suzanne jumped in and got things going with the first flower. Snip!

Lillian and her boyfriend, Derek, were arranging tables so they were on level ground.

Once the table tops were figured out, the flowers and lanterns were put in boxes under the tables overnight. The next morning (the wedding day), the table cloths, plates, napkins and items from the box were put on the tables. Unfortunately, I succumbed to pressure and didn't take my camera to the wedding! I have to wait for more wedding photos to come my way.

We decorated the barn with metal containers just to add a little color to the area where the ceremony was going to take place.

Lillian and Derek training a caterpillar after arranging more flowers at the entrance to the barn.

After the set up was finished, we all settled in to enjoy some dinner.

Jack & Claire getting ready to distribute some gifts to the wedding party and parents.

Some groomsmen....Jack's friends from Marquette High School.

The other groomsman.....his brother, Phil.

Some bridesmaids and Claire's friends.

Lillian and Derek.

The best man getting his tie for the big day.

The brother getting his tie for the wedding.

Claire and her dad.

After eating, we all went to the barn to do some rehearsing. The quilt is from Claire's mother's family.

The groomsmen listening to the directions.

The bridesmaids.

The wedding officiant and Jack. Hmmmmm.....I wonder what he's thinking about.

Lilly and Derek hiding behind a pole.

The hay bail was important because there was something dangerous under it.


After setting up the farm and practicing for the wedding, everyone joined in a friendly game of kick ball.

Claire is the one in the light pink ballet skirt.

I think Claire's team won but I can't be sure.

And here we go..... no more planning meetings. It's show time!



The next day a small group gathered for lunch and gift opening.

The Rothe's dogs were next door so Detective could have access to all the beds without having to share.

Great gift.

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