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Monday, March 23, 2015

My obsession and the Devil.

I admit it. I have a peculiar obsession with cleaning the floor. This can range from dry mopping, adding a damp, soapy micro-cloth to my Swiffer, vacuuming (love it !!!) to the ultimate.....shampooing the carpet and rugs. I love my Dirt Devil Deluxe!

I've been slowly chipping away at shampooing my upstairs carpet after the addition project. My son moved out so the world (upstairs) was my oyster!

The last part was doing the stairs. Unfortunately, I lost the adapter that I needed to do this so I ordered one a few weeks ago. It was the wrong one. Then, I ordered the correct part but it didn't arrive in a timely manner. Just a couple of days ago, I found the original adapter behind a shelving unit in my basement!  If you know my basement, this might be cause for the first step toward canonization....a miracle!

I moved to this house nine years ago. There have been so many times when I have stood in the middle of my basement with my hands over my eyes trying to remember where I put the (fill in the blank) way back in April, 2006.  And I usually remember! So it was particularly disappointing for me to not remember where I put the small adapter (amongst my pile of stuff) in the basement.

I really must have an obsession with floor cleaning in all of its manifestations because I've written what seems to be a lot of sentences about it!

Here are the characters in this floor scenario......

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