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Saturday, September 27, 2014


What marks summer for me?

It's watching tennis or golf on a weekend morning.  One of those big contests like the Rider Cup (today) or the French Open.  I play neither but I have tried my hand at golf.  I wasn't half bad.

Here is SE Wisconsin, we are enjoying the last days of summer. It has been a week of cool evenings and 70s and sunny days.  Can it get any better than that?  I don't know what to do first today!  I have the rest of my vegetable garden to take care of....gathering some beans to save for next year and disposing of the plants, gathering any last tomatoes and making sure I have saved enough seeds for next year, and checking out the final peppers and eggplants that are out there.  I'll leave the leafy greens because they love this weather.

I will also be perusing my flower gardens to check for more spent flowers so I have plenty of those seeds for next year, too.  Yup, I'm still in a panic trying to get all of my winter prep done before I have my foot surgery.

The Project is stalled again. I'm waiting for someone to come and sand the drywall mud or whatever they do. I'm not exactly sure what happens to prep the drywall for painting but I'm quite sure that it hasn't been done yet.  Then it's putting the outlets and ceiling lights in, adding the window / door trim and the doors.  Outside we're still waiting for the special order of steel siding to finish the dormer and then it's the rain gutters.  We're close but no cigar yet.

Some early morning shots on this beautiful September Saturday.

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