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Monday, June 10, 2013

Some recon work

This weekend was spent doing lots of weeding--digging out huge areas of bishop's weed--and getting the last of the cosmos, zinnias and marigolds in. I still have some left but I'm getting there.

I intended to just photograph the rabbit who was sitting in my front garden but one thing always leads to another and soon I was giving a close-up to all the members of the garden this morning.

I have two new irises this year. They were moved just a week ago with buds that I didn't think would open. They did. I'm glad I dug them out from an area that hardly ever gets any sun. They both are new varieties in my garden. Ooops. I slightly gave away where I "found" them. They were buried under some overgrown bushes that border my yard and my elderly neighbor's yard. It is questionable who they belong to. They obviously like their new home!

Last year was not a great year for my irises. But this year.....I'm very happy with them.

Three shades of purple. I think a deep purple iris smells like what purple would smell like if it had a scent.

Nothing to do in the vegetable garden. It's stagnant. Things don't grow without warmth and sun.
The row of miniature lilacs have started to bloom. They bloom a couple of weeks after the large varieties. 

Sort of depressing.

My peonies are just about ready to pop. 

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