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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where's my cocktail?

It's seed starting day!
I think it's the Polish answer to St. Patrick's Day. I heard that my grandmother always started her seeds on St. Patrick's Day. I wonder if she had a glass of wine (or two) when she was done. I'm quite sure that she didn't start as many seeds as I do and she was far too busy to relax when it was over. She saved seeds from her prized tomatoes and other vegetables. Maybe next year I'll try that. This year, as is my style, I overdid it.


Is it just me or do so many of my "projects" look like a big-ass mess?

It has been a very busy day. Thank goodness that it only happens once a year or I might have to rethink my gardening practices because I am now nursing a backache (and a large cocktail). If there was an extra heating blanket, I'd probably have it wrapped around me now. I miscalculated my needs and ended up carrying a small kitchen table from the garage to the back door only to find that I didn't need it and had to carry it back to the garage. Every season it's another arrangement.

This is my savior. THANK YOU BOB for telling me about it. I would be in a sling by now if I had to spritz all of those trays by hand using a mister. This is industrial strength misting at its best. 

And here we are....back to normal. Just like the last 5 hours of chaos never happened.

I didn't think I'd end up with MORE trays this year. Honestly. I have no self control. Each year, it's a new solution. I did something like this back in 2009 and decided to give it a try again this year since my kitchen bay window seems to be a big crowd pleaser if you're a tomato seed waiting to sprout. Although, to be honest, I have two trays with flower seeds -- cosmos, zinnia and petunia -- so it's not ALL tomatoes. Last year, I used the south facing windows on either side of my fire place in the living room but that caused problems with the electric blankets. I managed to use 1 less twin-sized blanket this year because I kept all the trays in one spot and on one level. When things start to get going, I might have to put domes on some of the trays and then I'll transfer them to those windows in the living room. 

PS: I'm having tomato preserves from last summer for dinner over pasta.

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