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Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring and demise

 Finally. The first flowers of 2013.

 And more coming as I see lots of tulips popping up.

 My neighborhood is getting new gas lines, new water lines, a new road and new culverts. Who really gives a rat's ass about the "lines." All I care about is this garden. It could possibly be in the direct line of destruction. The pine tree behind it has been prepped for destruction because it's right on the property line. But so is my garden! However, nothing in my yard has been decorated with a hideous bright pink ribbon which means "it's gone." Not only do I have dozens of tulip bulbs in this garden but I also have 2 chestnut trees that I absolutely do not want to lose. I feel like I need to prepare myself for doing a protest if I see a big machine coming after my prized possessions planted in this place. I'm prepared to protest.

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