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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Progress report

With June winding down today, it's time to take stock. So far, as long as I maintain a regular watering schedule, my gardens are unaware that we are in a heat wave and a drought. The grass, however, is another story!

My main tomato garden is at the top with beets  at the bottom left and beans on the right. There are some tomato plants that are chest-high. Tomatoes are now appearing regularly. Lots of blossoms and so far.....NO BLIGHT! I'm enjoying it while it lasts. The watering is done very carefully.....I flood the bottom and try not to get the leaves wet.

 I was surprised by this eggplant blossom this morning. 

 Assorted eggplants on the left and peppers on the right. I have never seen these plants this large in June. Last year, I think I was still waiting for a growth spurt at the end of August!!

 What we have here is a new garden that I dug to soften the edge of my front yard. It is full of trumpet lillies and marigolds grown from seed. There is another garden expansion that I did this year also to accommodate trumpet lillies!! 

 Here are my petunias. Finally, the plants I started from seed have blooms! I'm curious about the colors. Note pot of trumpet lillies on the ground. (I try to discourage anyone approaching my front door!)

 Nasturtiums grown from seed and more trumpet lillies!

 The end.
But maybe not. I might start checking out the garden centers for "near dead" perennials. I'm thinking that with all of the extreme heat we've had in southeastern Wisconsin, there might be some deals out there.

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