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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Reflections on being a Libra juror

A Libra as a juror. Can there be a more perfect job?


It has been two days since I finished up my civic duty. I was chosen to serve on a jury along with twelve other civic-minded citizens of my county. For someone who lives a predictable life, this was most unpredictable.

From the moment all thirteen of us were chosen, we became an odd sort of group. We arrived at the same time every day and assembled in a small room that had a large table, thirteen chairs, two bathrooms, scheduled breaks, lunches and other periods of waiting. Waiting hours and hours in the small room with the large table, thirteen chairs and two bathrooms.

During four days, it's not difficult to feel a fondness for most of your fellow jurors. One was annoying, one was dismissed so the remaining twelve could deliberate. That left twelve strangers in a small room sitting around the large table, thirteen chairs, two bathrooms and our notebooks that each of us used during the trial.

The clerk gave me the notebooks and I handed them out by calling each of us by our juror number. It seemed like I was heading for the head juror. I wisely asked if the other gentleman across from me would like to take charge. He did. And so we started our 5 hours of deliberating.

It is a very unique experience. I can honestly say that I have never had four days like this. Ever. Being unable to discuss details outside of the courtroom created a bond that is not easy to dismiss.

At the end, we heard "all rise for the jury" one last time as we walked out of the courtroom. One last trip as a unit down the elevator to be officially dismissed and off we went...juror no. 1, 7, 1o, 23, etc. Never to see each other again or even know our full names.

Eight hours a day for four days can be difficult to forget.

I will have to wait at least four years to have this honor again.

It has not been easy returning to my old life.

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