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Saturday, February 25, 2012



Lavender under snow.

Clean snow makes everything look so bright.

The park is about a half-a-block from my house. I decided to take my camera along for a walk. All the picnic tables and garbage cans are lined up waiting for another season of warm weather festivities.

First water area.

Second water area.

Third water area.

I was suddenly thrown back to being a kid and in the car while my father drove along the snow-covered road. In those days, complete snow removal really didn't exist and it seemed like there were always roads that looked like this. His 1950 black Plymouth coupe weighed enough that it didn't matter. I loved the sound of driving over snow like this.

In a couple of months, this place will be full of people. Everything that is white will be green. Green on the ground and green in the trees. So different.

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