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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The mystery of small things

Did you ever wonder how small things manage to collect into large things that can make such a difference in how we observe our reality? Just a few things, a few events but strung together to make something much larger and of greater importance.

I've been interested in this book for some time. There it was in my neighborhood "vintage" shop for 99 cents.

I looked out the window this morning and a smile came across my face. The weather has changed from two weeks of glorious 7o-80 degree days to 50, blustery but still sunny.

I have one big project here. I want to separate out the various sunflower seeds.

And just to remind me that all is not perfect in my queen-dom.....

This post is about what makes me happy and what grounds me. And most of it is about very simple things. I have a passion for laundry on the line, albums from what I call "the good years," making plans for next year's garden and puttering around the house. Last night I puttered and solved a nagging problem. (I guess that leaves the ceiling as the remaining nagging problem.) I call it the heartbreak of the tiny house. When you have size constraints but interesting hobbies, you simply must give careful consideration to space. Now that I have rearranged things, it is not acceptable to have my records on the floor under a potential dining space. Last night, I sorted, rearranged and found a solution to that storage problem. Now that I can see what I have, I can reach into the "archives" and pull out something interesting. Joan Baez perhaps? Listen to "Fountain of Sorrow." It's written by Jackson Browne. It made me think about how tiny things can collect into who we are, where we are going and if we are happy along the journey. The only requirement is that you must remain observant. Those small things can sometimes escape our horizon and then they are gone.

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