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Saturday, October 29, 2011


The colors have already hit their prime for most foliage but I still see some bright colors outside my window. It's not easy thinking of it getting cold but it's on the way. No stopping it now. Today was another stolen day of sun and temperature in the 50s. It's been like this for the last 3 days and I've taken advantage of this gift of mild weather by hitting the bike trail for my favorite 12 miles of mental health rehab. As soon as I turn onto that trail, I can feel myself smiling. It clears the head, the lungs and helps with the calf muscles, too!

Remember that "issue" I have with my ceiling? I have to get to the bottom of it. The good thing about taking your time is you can find solutions that were not evident 6 months ago. For instance, now I'm certain of where the problem is. My son flooded the windows of the dormer above the leak with water and I watched it drench the room below. OK, maybe this experiment would have been equally as successful with less water but a waterfall told me what has to be redone which is far less than what I thought the worst case scenario was. And, in the 6 month interim, I have come up with the plan to fix the ceiling. This was also not clear to me back when I broke open the ceiling. So the next time you feel you are being hassled about not finishing a project, you can just say that you are mulling over solutions. Yeah, that's right...I'm THINKING about how I'm going to fix it.

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