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Monday, September 12, 2011

Just close your eyes...

Grab yourself a beverage of your choice and pretend you're back in the late 60s or early 70s when these guys were riding a wild wave of acceptance and popularity. If you were part of the art scene or the folk scene, you were carrying these albums with you when you went to someone's house to get together with fellow artists and friends. And it certainly didn't hurt that they were extremely handsome! Gordon Lightfoot is on tour again. I saw him last fall. I can't remember what he sounded like because I just relived every album I had and played it in my head while he was on stage. Leonard Cohen just finished a heroic year-plus-long tour. I saw him in Minneapolis two years ago. A person has to see these people while you can. I'll just say it...I want to be back in college as an art student. There, I said it. Maybe it was just the calamity of the 25 years after college but I tend to look at my college years as the best. At least for me they were. Is there really anything wrong with living in the past? I think not! The past is always kind.

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