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Sunday, August 21, 2011

P Allen Smith

I admit, it wasn't love at first viewing of one of his shows. Over time I've grown to really like P. Allen Smith and his TV shows. But how does he do it? How can he eat all of that stuff he grows? He must eat about 30 - 100 eggs a day! And that doesn't leave room for the tons of other crops and God knows whatever else he's got going there!

Speaking of eggs....Here are 2 eggs from Amy's Happy Hens and one from an organic supplier at my local food store. Boy, nothing like the real thing!

The Brandywine on the right was huge. For comparison, a Celebrity is on the left and a Sweet 100 is in front. I was surprised that it was a pinkish color. I'm glad I took it in when I did. It was starting to split. I guess they never get to be a vibrant red. But the inside was plenty ripe!

I ate the whole thing. I believe that was a pound of tomato.
Come to think of it, I eat tomatoes at least 2 times a day plus popping one in my mouth if I'm near the garden. Nothing like a warm tomato.

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