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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No. 3

This is one of two window air conditioners I picked up at Walmart last night. It was a Site to Store purchase. I ordered online and drove to my nearest Walmart to pick them up.....3 days earlier than expected! Yeah! One went to my son who lives with two roommates and one goes to my other son who is giving up his air conditioned bedroom upstairs to his visiting sister today. It's like an inferno upstairs. Like I told my neighbor last night, I figured out that I could buy 300 window AC's with the money I'm saving by not replacing my central air conditioner which went bad a month ago. Let's see, that means I have 297 more to go! The humidity here has been so heavy that even with stifling heat, grass is green and lush. Not a good situation. Usually grass goes dormant in this kind of extended heat but not if there is enough moisture in the air to keep it green. It IS good for the skin though. No need for facial moisturizer. The last thing you want to do it slather on oily stuff when you're constantly sweating.

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