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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Abby's Bouquet.

A beautiful centerpiece. Why am I loving it so much? This grouping of flowers was at the wedding of my daughter's good friend from high school, Abby. So many memories flooded back TO ME. (How about her 18th birthday party in the middle of the coldest January EVER and the theme was HAWAIIAN!! The basement never got warm enough to accommodate all of those kids wearing shorts although that poor furnace kept cranking so the folks upstairs were sweating!) I can only imagine what went on at the reception with the old gang. If you made good friends in high school, you are indeed blessed. Going to an all girls school may force a few issues like needing a group of guys to go to dances with. But now, eight years later, those guys are still a source of funny stories for the moms involved.

Abby married her boyfriend from high school. So many memories. Don't get me wrong, it cost a lot of money to send my children to same sex Catholic high schools. But, there wasn't a minute that I worried about who they were with or what they were doing. (Almost.) It was definitely worth every sacrifice that was made by many family members. How about the time Abby's parents hosted a post prom party at their house and stayed up all night to chaperone. Thank you.

So here's a toast to Abby and Tony! Thanks for the centerpiece. It is bringing so many pleasant memories back to me.....just a mom who was along for the ride.

My daughter and her significant otherS about to leave for the wedding. (I kept the dog for the evening.)

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