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Saturday, April 2, 2011

butter and a birthday

This is a story about butter. Three cups of butter to make the batter of this cake. Three cups of butter to make the unbelievable frosting. It's a dairy festival if you add in two cups of heavy whipping cream in the frosting and a pint of buttermilk in the cake batter. Somewhere over the last few days, I became obsessed with making a cake for my son's birthday celebration tonight and with using a professional set of layer cake pans that I picked up at a local Goodwill store. After much time spent hunting for just the right recipe, I went with a wedding cake batter and what ended up being the world's best buttercream frosting. And, true to my tradition--more is always better--I doubled both recipes. It turns out that to make a true five layer wedding cake, I would have needed to triple that recipe but I don't think I have a mixer and a bowl large enough that could handle that. The frosting didn't really need to be doubled. I have plenty left over. For what though.

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