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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A big job finished.

This is how it will look this year. Every year I try another arrangement and every year it seems to work. This year, two variables are in place. First, I replaced my old, clear yet dusty windows with the ones in the photos. They appear to have a greenish cast to them which I think is because they are meant to not only keep the cold out but the heat of the sun out. Not good if you're trying to start seeds and need sun and heat! And second, I had to buy new, smaller electric blankets to replace the large one that I was able to use when my set up was horizontal vs. vertical. New blankets that shut off after 3 hours.

This flat of hundreds of grape tomatoes came from my neighbor who has a friend in the green house biz. I separated out the best ones and put them into a flat. I am going to experiment with the rest of them by putting them outside off the ground and in the sun with a plastic cover over them. There are only so many grape tomato plants a person needs!

Things start to get messy quickly.

It always looks so neat in the beginning!

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