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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Geez Loueeezzz.

What the "f" am I going to do with this ceiling?
After staring at a minor crack for the last few years, this winter has brought about the birth of a big event in my ceiling. I'm not sure if it started because I keep my temp at 56 at all times or if it was the 18 inches of snow that landed on my roof in a few hours. Either way, Oh my! The ceiling is falling! Oh my! And it's falling on my TV!!!

I have to revert back to the prayer that I drag out at times like this: No matter how much is on my plate, it's just my plate. I'm happy to have this falling in ceiling because it's falling in on my home. I would rather have a ceiling crumbling in around me (an exaggeration I hope!) in my place of peace than to have all the unhappiness that I had -- in countless houses -- with ceilings that didn't cave in.

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