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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dance of the autos.

"Which one did you bring in today?" -my favorite car repair guy

The problem with buying used vehicles--and I mean decent ones, not clunkers--is that you need more than one. No matter how you baby them, one is always rotating in or out of a repair shop. The most perfect car in the world, my 1997 Honda Odyssey, started dripping a clear yellow-green liquid next to my rear tires. This has been going on for maybe a good week. Not really enough to be a puddle, but enough to make my eyes bug out and say bad words--("What the xlgdidgxxfuldk is that?") . Normally, this would not be a huge ordeal but the car-on-the-bench is the Ford Focus (above). When I bought it about 18 moths ago, it was summer. Life was good. It was a fun, fast, sporty car. However, during the first winter, I noticed that it liked to ski over the snow instead of gripping it. I just knew this was not a good situation and that there was something wrong with those darn tires. I gathered that along with the near-black tinted windows, this car was either a drug mule or it came from a very warm clime....maybe both...definitely not made for Wisconsin weather. I've been fretting about ever having to use it in the winter and so far, I haven't. But now, with the Odyssey on the injured reserve list, I had to dig the Focus out of the snow last night and start it up. I drove it around the block and today I'm getting all-weather tires on it. No more fretting. I swear, if I had THREE cars, I'd still have days when none of them would be usable!!!

Go Packers!

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