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Sunday, December 12, 2010

....and an angel in a pear tree.

Five clucking chickens, four devious squirrels...Ooops! What's this? four squirrels AND four dogs and one angel? My arithmetic skills seem to have suffered after a six hour baking marathon today. It was a good day to crank up the oven for a few hours. We're headed into a few days of frigid temperatures here in Wisconsin. Brrrr. Get out the woolens. Get our your sheep friends or at least wear as much wool as possible. Fashion goes out the window.

Getting back to that counting issue. Here we have it. Five clucking hens, four sassy squirrels, three assorted dogs and DAMN!!! Where's the TWO in this mess? Aye yi yi.
Next year I might have to invite myself over to my friend Amy's house for her cookie baking extravaganza. At least I would have champagne as an excuse for this poor display of my mathematics skills.

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