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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The mad barber. (no vegetable photos)

My son, Jack, stopped by yesterday for a quick haircut. It wasn't exactly quick and it almost wasn't a haircut! (That's a Flowbee I'm holding.)

This is Claire, Jack's friend, holding the set up for a Flowbee haircutting system. I've been giving haircuts to my sons for about 23 years. Usually, they involve a traditional hair clipper and attachments but that Flowbee was a vintage shopping find that I had to try. It was just $3.99. But I have to wonder about the ease of maneuvering if it's attached to a Constellation vacuum cleaner with all of that hose to pull around. Did I mention that you have to watch a video to learn how to use it? Anyway, the Flowbee didn't work. No hair was cut and we reverted back to the item pictured below.

This is the equipment that I usually use. And there are two clippers in this box so it looks more complicated than it really is. The box under that clothespin is the clippers that my dad used in the 50's when he started cutting my brother's and cousins' hair. I guess it runs in the family.

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