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Monday, September 6, 2010


After checking my traps this morning, day 3, and finding the cheese bait to be gone without catching any mice, I am now online looking up what is the best way to kill mice. I'm looking at electronic devices, the best bait to use (sticky bait), when to set your traps and drowning methods. I'm obsessed. How to catch a mouse is to think like a mouse. So far, they have been outsmarting me. But this is war and I'm about to find a nice bucket, fashion a ramp with bait and arrange seeds on the water and then will cross my fingers. This can't go on. I have mothballs everywhere, traps all over the place and I cover my eyes when I open drawers and cabinets looking for a "kill." And now, I'm reading about how to kill mice and talking about different methods with perfect strangers that I find staring at the trap section in the hardware store.

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