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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The seven plagues of summer.

The seven plagues of summer are: rain, floods, humidity, extreme heat, mold, mildew and mosquitoes. OOOPS, one more.....dense fog. Just had that one this morning. Can I put up my white flag now? My goal today was to finish hauling up things and start bleaching large areas like the stairway walls and ceiling. Now it's almost pleasant to go down and do laundry. Really. This has been a blessing in disguise. NO MORE SHOPPING!!!

It might not look like much, but this is about it for the basement. Just a few more stray items but I can work around them. These bags of full of vintage table cloths, lace curtains and other linens. I'm going to sort through them but who wants to do it on the same floor? It's more fun to haul up 50 pound bags to another level before tossing! They are now up on another floor so that means they were carried up two floors. I think I'll be scheduling my knee replacement surgery right after this little basement project is over!

The last of the carpeting. After this, I hope to get the paneling ripped out and added to the pile for one last pick up tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the village will be picking up at the curb for one more day.

Avert your eyes. I haven't had to time organize these things because the focus was just getting things that can be outside all binned and stacked. There are a lot of photographs in this pile that need to be in the fresh air. That's why they're outside. Just waiting for a NICE DAY WITHOUT ANY HUMIDITY AND A LITTLE BREEZE! IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK?

There have been additions made to this display. Not telling where though.

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