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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I think I might need a therapist.

I think I was diverting my energy last night from a job that is now on the immediate horizon to one that I find enjoyable -- canning. My daughter sent me a photo of her canning efforts and it gave me the idea. Canning for hours only delayed what has to be done. It turns out that there is more dampness in my basement which means I will have to bin everything so I can shuffle things around and then rip up the carpeting. So far, this new area of wet carpeting is in another corner of my basement. But I really haven't wanted to feel every foot of carpeting looking for more wetness. This is huge and it doesn't stop there. Way back in the 70s, the original owner thought it would be nice to have half of the basement "finished" by building inner walls and using that attractive "wood" paneling. Since the base of that wall is wet, at an some point, I am going to have to tear into that wall. It is starting to make me feel sick and overwhelmed. Yet, this is still not as bad as what other people have to deal with. I have to make a plan.

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