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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hotter than a biscuit outside.

It might be 90 degrees outside, but I plucked my first tomatoes!

The plants are bent over because we got heavy rain--flooding rain--and they are suffering from early blight, but it doesn't matter! When you have 70 plants, there better be SOME tomatoes ripening out there -- damn it. Looking back at last year's harvest, I don't know how I managed to not only start the plants from seed, prepare the garden, transplant the seedlings into pots, plant the seedlings into the garden and then finally, can the harvest. It's the old ignorance is bliss thing. I don't know if I'm up for it again. I need a kick in the pants.

I find it unusual that to be self-sufficient, you have to really try harder. It's too easy to succumb to easy living. Today, I ran my washing machine 3 times, but I hung 3 loads of laundry outside to dry. I gathered my 10th pound of green beans which I'm eating now. The other 9 pounds are already in the freezer along with peak of the season blueberries, early corn and peaches (I wasn't ready to start canning I guess). And the carrot in front of my rabbit's eye is remembering how cold it was in my house last winter when my thermostat was set at a high of 58 and a low of 55. I don't mind 90 degrees. Really, I don't mind it.

What used to be a blog about making my "farm" into a business has become a challenge to become self-sufficient. Damn it.

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