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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Three pals in a Honda Odyssey on their way to Green Bay.

Yes, much therapy was dispensed today. Too cold to garden so Amy, Bob and I decided to jump into Bob's 1998 purple (that's really "eggplant") Honda Odyssey and head up to Green Bay, WI for some shopping therapy. Aren't old canning jars beautiful? My big find today. There was a time when we would go on these trips and have so much in the van that we wrote our own news article based on a near accident that happened when I almost drove my 1993 gold Transport (see photo above) off the road while attempting a hairpin turn at about 60 mph. (Later, the tie rod needed to be replaced. No wonder I couldn't make that turn!!!) "Three found in corn field in rural Wisconsin after the van they were driving left the road and flew into a neighboring field while trying to negotiate a turn. The identities are unknown at the present time because the van was loaded with stuff which was strewn for yards around the accident sight. What could they have been doing? Where were they going? Gypsies perhaps?"

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