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Sunday, May 23, 2010

It was a big day.

Is there anything more luscious then the rich color of the soil against that bright, spring green of an early tomato plant right after you plant it in the ground?

It is difficult to capture it even in a photo. The soil isn't as rich and the green isn't as bright as I see it with my eyes. I planted the tomatoes yesterday. But this morning, after they had time to get settled in the cool of the evening, is the time when the possibilities are endless. The idea of bushels of tomatoes are still a reality and any blight is a faded memory. Yet, with everything that we plant, there are no guarantees and that is why we learn to enjoy this moment when a huge harvest is still a possibility.

Oh, and what are the chances that I'd slice into my Time Warner cable while turning over the soil? 100%. Got it with one strike!

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