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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is definitely here.

I planted some red onions next to the garlic that I planted last fall.
Then, as long as I was full of mud, I put in kale and spinach.
The garden at the top was the first one I put in 5 years ago. I have not done much to it because it is home to a very aggressive ant colony. They are biters and can chase you away if you do as little as stick a small shovel into the ground. But this year, I was ready for them. I suited up leaving no skin exposed and dug it up again. Success. Maybe they moved to another yard.

This guy is certainly becoming a regular feature. It not only survived the winter, but it's starting to send out new growth and the sprouts are looking pretty good, too. Are brussels sprouts perennial?? (They aren't supposed to be!)

This lovely tulip is surrounded by an invasive ground cover. It was at my old house and took over every open space. Unfortunately, I moved it along with some plants and trees to my new house. Lucky me.

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