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Monday, April 19, 2010

Moody Blues and my year of ONE.

Not much happening in the garden lately. Wood chips are in place, frost this morning, feeling antsy with no direction and NO GARDEN PLAN!!! Dug up the 3 parsnips, below, along with a nearly perfect French carrot that had been in the ground all winter. Unfortunately, I lost the carrot.

Knowing that this is my year of One in the world of numerology has helped put a few things into perspective. For the past many months, it has been almost painful this feeling of going in a direction that wasn't clear. It taunted me by not revealing itself. Maybe it's surveying my yard and not being able to do anything or maybe it's merely feeling attacked today that has sent me deep into musings of where I am going...once again!!! The last few days have been particularly difficult as a part of my past has once again surfaced. I often walk when I'm threatened and today, I grabbed an old CD player that I haven't looked at in many years and headed off to walk in my neighborhood park. Inside was a CD of Moody Blues hits. If there are songs that kick your ass, it's them. Finally, I am free. Put on a Gordon Lightfoot album and grab of beer.

Who needs a cell phone? I'm in my year of ONE!

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